From May 2013 to Feb 2022, NINE TAI STUDIO、the largest professional rehearsal studio in Asia was build by Nine Tai group, leading the high standard of concert rehearsal studio in Asia.

In February 2022, the new NINE TAI STUDIO bring in a even more professional、acoustics diverse in design, cost 20 million, this studio build for higher scale application. It is the largest multi-functional recording rehearsal studio in Taiwan, which can meet the needs of large-scale rehearsal, recording, and filming.

Space structure plan of NineTai Studio
Build on standard keel structures, and base on repeating calculating of EASE and Sys Tune sound simulation / measurement system, NineTai studio resulting in good quality of noise absorbing, acoustic bass standing waves preventing and other aspects of acoustic design, providing most standard reverb time acoustic space for large concert style event rehearsal and recording.

Business items including:
Large scale professional rehearsal studio
Concert live streaming space
NineTai Live video channel
Symphony orchestra recording / arrangement
Multi-Track live recording studio

Powerful professional equipment supporting, offer top scale of equipment provide and rental.
HD high-definition multi-camera filming
Convenient and securely hardware combination.
Automatic hoist lift roof structure, large projection screen and well established power system.
Professional lighting system team, providing high quality lighting equipment for MV filming and Live concert purpose.
NineTai owns professional audio engineering team, photography team, recording engineer,
postproduction team, film editors, makeup hair styling team, together for providing the most completely recording and filming operations environment.